Why Digital Marketing is Future ?

This one is coming after a while.

Recently I have been invited to speak on “Future of Digital Marketing” (Actual topic was “Why Digital Marketing is Future ?” ) and I found the topic more mundane. So picked my own and more relevant topic to the current scenario.

As the new year begin , marketing leaders have already started asking their digital marketing think tank to reflect on 2017 and offer improvements for the year to come. Hot solutions offered range from programmatic and shoppable video, no screen , voice search and more. The panel discussion was also on the similar lines. Influencer marketing (more about it in my next one) and big data will continue to be on the cards. I added a point that the gap will increase between the companies who know how to use it and those who don’t. In India the question is still revolves around “How much is enough?” and unfortunately not many know how to answer that.  One of the panelist from a known Agency enlighten us about the how brands which believe that technology will mitigate their need to intimately understand their audience, will eventually fail.

The discussion was further pushed by another panelist from financial sector as he emphasised on a complex problem like KYC form filling in online account opening. Further he added how a simple solution like OTP on your Aadhar linked mobile number is solving the complex task in hand. Yet again consistency across digital platform enabled by government helping various sectors achieving their goals. The moderator of the panel discussion , another gentleman from marketing agency,  threw a number at us that in 2018 India will have more than 450+ mn millennials. Yet another reason why we see digital marketing as the future of marketing in India. There is no doubt that digital is now ubiquitous in all marketing strategies – even the industries that previously lagged behind, textile industry for example I added, are starting to see the benefits of utilising digital, to help future-proof customer acquisition in dynamic market places. I’ve seen a shift over the years from a mass-media centric (One way communication) to digital enabling data-driven (feedback enabled system).

Since we already par digital era,  the next should be listen how customer is responding/reacting ? Alright you have done something (which you thought was right to start with)  but its time to hear the voice of the customer and improvise and hence improve. Work across departments to help influence customer experience all the way from an idea, product development, sale and even beyond that. Offer your customer a complete journey and enrich his journey.  Data-driven strategies will help you underpinning strategic business objectives, and with execution right first time (using scenarios and programmatic models) proving ROI, digital marketing will increasingly demonstrate its worth.

I will leave you with some of the glimpse of the event. Let me know if you want to know more about it. You can ping me your questions on @vikash_hashtag.

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